Feliza, Buenos Aires (AR)

nightclub gay

Feliza has just opened a few months ago and people are so excited about this place, that is packed almost every day of the week. Is not just a bar or club, the manager like to call it, a Social Club, where people can be a part of the Club, proposing new activities of interest for everybody. Right now you can enjoy films, stand up shows, dj sets, theme parties and even literature gay workshops. The LGBT community is Buenos Aires is promoting this place a lot, due to the big interest in social activities and of course, because as a bar, its works amazing! great food, nice food. The terrace is just perfect to enjoy the evening, and Djs really kill the dance floor with dancers going crazy every night! Well located, in the famous Palermo area, Feliza is a place you should check out if you are in Buenos Aires

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